Monday, July 29, 2013

The process of creating a mural involves much work that you don't normally get to see.  Many times the steps seem interesting to only the artist.  Researching, sketching, gathering supplies, etc. For  The Fabled Forest mural, I'm using a poly-cotton canvas to prevent the surface from expanding or contracting.  The people at Tara Art Materials were helpful in making sure the correct support was selected.  The paints and sealer are all non-toxic as well. These necessary stages leading up to actually painting the mural are important to me as the artist, to ensure my clients receive a work that will last and that will be enjoyed for decades to come.
Here's a video of the beginning stages of the mural.


  1. Stephen, thanks so much for showing us your process in this exciting mural assignment. It was just wonderful watching you paint and I look forward to seeing the final mural completed.
    Stephen Aitken

  2. Fabulous painting! It looks like a real challenge... and the right mix of detail and simplicity.

    I always appreciate artwork in hospitals - somehow being vulnerable and often afraid, I find an added comfort in the artwork. And it's not at all the same as being in a museum, where there isn't the same sense of healing somehow.


  3. The mural is looking wonderful. It's very cool to see you in action. How much time elapsed during this film clip?
    Please let us know when you post the next segment.

  4. Thanks so much for sharing this. The sketch is absolutely beautiful. Looking forward to seeing more of the process!

  5. Awesome - Will send more kudos- Rita